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The greatest and most innovative toy for your cat!

Smart Cat Ball

Smart Cat Ball

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At Organlada, we know how important your pets are to you. This Smart Cat Ball presented by Organlada will have your cats running around like no other. The smart ball moves and turns all on it's own while being played with! It will constantly keep moving in order to keep your cat engaged all while you sit back and watch. 

🧠 Smart technology that is able to play with your cat and move all on it's own.

🐈 Constant movement to keep your cat on the go and fully entertained at all times. 

🔋 This product is rechargeable to enhance the experience along with quick recharging times. 

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We have an iron-clad-risk-free 30-day guarantee that begins only when you recieve the product! If for any reason you don't have a positive experience, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.


"Is this safe for my cat?"

Of course! The Spinning Catnip Ball is made by 100% natural ingredients to ensure safety for our furry friends!

"How long will this last?"

The catnip will last a while as long as your cat doesn't love it too much!

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The smartest toy for the greatest cat enjoyment!

  • No more scratched furniture

  • Comfort like no other

  • The most engaging toy

  • Flexibility for many variants

The Joy is Priceless

The Organlada Cat Scratcher will provide your loved one with excitement like no other. Nothing makes a pet owner happier than seeing their little one run and jump in exciement!

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Another Comfy Place to Sleep

Not only is the Organlada Cat Scratcher the best of toys, but it can also be used as a resting spot for the cats after their fun time. They can never have enough places to sleep!

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The Variants and Capablities are Endless

We can't express how many ways the Organlada Cat Scratcher can be set up, with multiple different uses. It's very easy to use!

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Complimentary With the Health of Cats

The Organalda comes complete with a scratchable surface that not only allows for better playing time, but also treats and helps cats with long nails. The Organlada comes with all the perks!

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All Cats Love it

The Organlada is compatible with cats of all ages and sizes. This will keep the most hyper of kittens and the laziest of cats all engaged and healthy!

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  • Haley T.

    "My cat really enjoyed playing with this toy! It definitely was an amazing value since the cat genuinely loves to play with it and is entertained for a good while. Trust me on this one guys, this product will make your cats so happy!!"

  • Katherine F.

    "Wasn't sure if the cat would like it, but she does! The jingle ball moves well in the accordion. She loves this toy! My cat was always lazy and would rarely play. Ever since i got this cat organ I've been seeing her more active than she's ever been. Recommend it greatly. Thanks Organlada."

  • Jill K.

    "My fluffy tester took this review job seriously! He chewed, he hugged, he hunted, he lounged - he approves! Jokes aside, it is a very neat toy - it has strong magnets to “assemble” the piece and does not easily come apart."